Well, it’s a beginning!

25 Nov

Well, it's a beginning!

After a few days of work, we have completed about 1 eight of a square. There are, in total, 144 squares, so we have completed 1/1152 of the entire map or 0.087%
We’re getting there…


Donate to us!

25 Nov

Making a donation would make us really, really happy. With the money, we can host a server that is open 24/7, so you guys can ALWAYS join the server without a problem.
Please don’t feel obliged to donate, but if you have any spare paypal money, we would be so¬†grateful.


2 pictures comparing our build with the game

25 Nov

2 pictures comparing our build with the game

Look at the title…


And the blog is up!

25 Nov

And the blog is up!

Hello there readers, welcome to our blog, here we will place all the information about our ambitious project.

We will keep you updated!